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Thank you for joining us for Barnet's inaugural 'Pride in the Park' 2023. We are thrilled with the turn out of nearly 1000 people and grateful for the feedback. We receieved our match-funding target of £2000 and our plans for the future are looking very bright. So help us get there as fast as possible you can donate using the link below. If you are seeking advice or information about Barnet queer matters please drop us a line by phone or email as we'd love to know what you're up against.

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Champions for LGBTQIA+ people in Barnet.


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Help us to provides services and activities to LGBTQIA+ people in Barnet because we passionately believe that all people deserve opportunity, good mental health and hope.


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Want to have a safe space for a chat? Any requests or ideas for volunteering and collaboration? Leave us a message :)

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