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Barnet LGBTQIA+ Pride 2023

Welcome to Barnet's inaugural 'Pride in the Park' event

Inkluder is thrilled to introduce community-focused afternoon celebrating queer diversity and inclusion in Barnet

Event Schedule


12:00PM - DJ Ariel Bold

12:40PM - Charli Yoga Warmup Workshop

1.00PM - Amie Taylor storyteller

1:15PM - Robin Arthur Brook’s Poetry read by Magik and Orange


1.45PM - DJ Ariel Bold

2.00pm - Silver Summers


2:25PM - Fabulous lounge Swingers

2:50PM - Barnet Bingo with ‘That’s Drag’ + Special Guest

3:50PM - 4:00PM - Closing Music



- Face Painting

- Junkyard Orchestra

- Badge Making


We have been lucky to have a strong team of volunteers for our first event so don't hesitate them if you need any help.

A Guiding Hand: Our volunteers are the beating heart of Barnet Pride. Positioned strategically throughout the event, these wonderful individuals are here to ensure that your day is nothing short of spectacular. Recognisable by their [specific uniforms, badges, or any other identification], they are on hand to assist, guide, and enrich your Pride experience.


Got Questions? Ask Away! If you're unsure about any aspect of the event, want to know what's next on the agenda, or need directions to a particular stall or service, seek out one of our friendly volunteers. They're well-informed and eager to help.


Here for Your Support: Our volunteers are not just guides and information hubs; they're also here to provide support. If you feel overwhelmed, need assistance, or just want a chat, they're here for you. Everyone at Barnet Pride, from the organisers to the volunteers, wants to ensure that your experience is memorable, safe, and joyful.

Let's Respect Each Other: While our volunteers are here to assist, it's crucial that we treat each other with kindness and respect. They've devoted their time and energy to make this event a success, so let's ensure that our interactions are positive and respectful.


Remember, we're all here to celebrate, support, and uplift each other. Here's to an inclusive, vibrant, and unforgettable Barnet Pride!

Special Thanks to BKL: Making Barnet Pride Accessible for All  

At the heart of Barnet Pride lies the principle of inclusivity; ensuring that every individual, regardless of their background or abilities, feels welcome and valued. This year, thanks to the incredibly generous sponsorship from BKL, we've been able to take our commitment to accessibility to the next level.

BKL's sponsorship has been instrumental in ensuring that our event remains not only vibrant and festive, but also truly accessible to all members of our community. Their support has enabled us to introduce features such as BSL interpreters, trackways, and accessible toilets, ensuring everyone can partake in and enjoy the day’s festivities.

But it doesn't stop there! BKL has also graciously committed to match funding every donation received during Barnet Pride, up to a remarkable £2,000. This means each contribution you make is effectively doubled, allowing us to amplify our efforts and make a bigger impact in our community.

We are immensely thankful to BKL for their continued support and for championing our shared vision of a diverse, inclusive, and accessible Barnet. Remember, every donation made during the event will have twice the impact, so let's come together and celebrate the beauty of our unified community!

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Play Barnet Bingo Online

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